For electricity generators and large industrial clients where demand is too small to justify large scale, the most cost effective solution for receiving LNG is via smaller scale vessels and infrastructure. AES LNG has close relationships with ship owners and infrastructure providers that enable us to provide tailormade solutions that meets the client’s needs.

AES LNG will charter and operate Small Scale LNG vessels to ensure deliveries are made safely and on time. Additionally, we guide the client in finding the optimal balance between storage capacity, regasification capacity and delivery frequency to provide the most cost effective gas solution possible.

For smaller generators and industrial clients, the most cost effective LNG distribution is via cryogenic, pressurized containers or ISO containers. The ISO containers are fully intermodal which allow them to be transported on normal truck chassis, conventional container vessels or on rail cars. Therefore, AES LNG can utilize existing infrastructure and trade routes to efficiently bring the LNG directly to the client’s facility. Both the AES terminal in the Dominican Republic and Panama is located in close proximity to world-class container terminals with effective shipping lines throughout the entire region. AES LNG has good relationships with the major container lines and can create an efficient delivery program to even the most remote clients.

The infrastructure needed for receiving the containers is very limited. The storage tanks consist of vacuum insulated tank and generally only ambient air vaporizers that require no extra energy are needed to convert the LNG to normal natural gas.

More stringent regulation on marine pollution have been implemented regionally and on January 1,st 2020 a reduction of sulfur content in marine fuels from 3.5% to 0.5% is set to take place. Alternative fuel solutions to HFO are needed and LNG meets these environmental goals. LNG bunkering has proven to work in northern Europe where environmental goals are set.

Close to 14,000 vessels transited the Panama Canal in 2015 and the AES Colón terminal is strategically located right at the mouth of the canal. The location of the terminal allows for effective ship-to-ship bunkering of various types of vessels in the canals anchorage area and areas nearby. AES Andres is also ideally situated for bunkering of cruise ships and container vessels that operate in the Caribbean.

AES sources LNG to its terminals where we can take advantage of economy of scale to purchase large volumes of LNG from the world market to our terminals that act as regional hubs for LNG redistribution.

Since AES is a consumer of gas, it’s a safeguard that the company holds strict standards on the quality of the gas and continuous effort to receive the most competitive prices.

The gas that is received onboard large scale vessels is segmented into parcels and redistributed to the region by either small LNG ships or on ISO certified cryogenic containers depending on the clients demand profile and needs. The positioning of AES terminals is ideal for small scale shipping and both terminals are in close proximity to world class container terminals that connects to the entire region. In small scale LNG distance to the client is the key to provide a cost effective, reliable and secure delivery schedule.

AES LNG does not only assist in developing an LNG logistics chain but through our relationships with some of the premier infrastructure providers and developers, we can assist in creating the optimal LNG facility that suits the needs of your business today and in the future.